ZINC Auto Finance, Inc. is an auto sale finance company specializing in non-prime automobile contracts. We purchase retail installment sales contracts (RISC) from Independent and Franchised dealers, who have non-prime consumers purchasing new and pre-owned automobiles.

ZINC Auto Finance, Inc. has a well established reputation for funding those hard to place contracts. We are a lender with our own capital which allows quick funding providing dealers with the liquidity they need to operate their business. Our goal is to provide funding in as little as 48 hours which allows our dealers to focus their attention on their business. Based in Fresno, California we underwrite, approve and service our own auto receivables. This allows for a fast approval rate with our dealer network.

We encourage you to contact ZINC Auto Finance, Inc. today, to see how we can help your auto dealership grow or to discuss any questions you have regarding auto sale finance.

Servicing California.